Monday, May 2, 2016

Building Strong Bodies: 75 lbs Lost

Jamie decided in July of 2015 that she needed to get healthy. She knew she needed to change her lifestyle by eating healthier and introducing exercise into her life. Before July, she had never even thought about exercise. She knew she couldn’t do both so she concentrated on what she was putting into her body first. She started to eat fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meats. To her surprise, she lost quite a bit of weight. 

She was certain in December 2015, that it was time to introduce exercise into her routine. She knew she needed cardio and weight lifting to help tone and get her into shape and help her reach her weight goal. She surveyed her friends for the best wellness facility to help her on her fitness journey. 

She decided to join the Springfield YMCA. When she walked in, she immediately felt she was in the right place. From the front desk, to those assisting her with learning the equipment, everyone was so friendly and accommodating. Jamie has taken advantage of the personal training offered at the YMCA and is so glad she did.

Since January she has been working with Natalie, a personal trainer at the Kerasotes Branch. She works with Natalie once a week and then does her own workouts four days a week. Natalie is behind her every step of the way whether it is a monthly fitness challenge, a reminder of the importance of food journaling or an encouraging word to keep her lifting heavier and longer. Jamie says, “I love working with Natalie because she is a great accountability partner, and she is realistic in her expectations of me; but all the while keeps me really motivated."

She also loves that she is a member of the YMCA. She feels like it was the socially responsible thing to do as the YMCA isn’t just a gym. It's great place for everyone regardless of age, income or background. It allows individuals the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. Jamie says, “I am sure glad I have made the decision to join the Y. It has made a world of difference and I can’t wait to go every week!”

Congratulations to Jamie for her hard work and determination and for making the Y her choice for getting healthy. Feeling like you need help jump-starting your journey? Check out our trainers

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