Tuesday, March 29, 2016

DuBois Elementary School Teachers Lead by Example and Work Fitness Into Their Day with Help from the Y

DuBois Elementary School was one of three District 186 schools that received the 2014-2015 Sangamon County Excellence in School Wellness Gold Award, an award that recognizes schools who put forth extra effort to provide a healthy, safe, and prosperous environment for students and staff.

This award inspired the principal and staff at DuBois Elementary to do more to make their school a healthy and safe place. Christina Taylor, a second grade teacher and member of the Y approached us and asked if we would be interested in bringing Zumba and Hip Hop classes to DuBois Elementary once a week. YMCA instructor Yenny Jimenez was all for it!

Yenny spent eight weeks from December to January going to DuBois School to provide Zumba and Hip Hop instruction for a class of teachers. About eleven of the DuBois teachers participated in the program. Christina said, “It was a great way to build community, let stress go, promote health and do something as a group.” Jenny Nolting, a teacher at DuBois Elementary and class participant said, “It was great fun, my co-workers kept me accountable by coming to get me to go to the class, and it helped bond the teachers together.” Christina and Jenny both felt that the biggest advantage of this program was that the instructor came to them. There were no excuses not to participate in the program. In some ways it was effortless.

The Y's mission of strengthening communities in the Springfield area is evident in this program. We congratulate this group of teachers on their dedication and commitment to making their school a healthy and safe environment, and for leading by example.

Group Exercise Classes help you make friends and stay accountable. If you are looking for a non-judgemental, inclusive, and social way to get into shape, check out the Y!

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