Monday, March 28, 2016

Jamie Gives an Inspiring Account of Her "Lose Big" Transformation

"Confidence. Empowerment. Control.   

The YMCA Lose Big program involved so much more than losing weight. 'Losing Big' really meant gaining what I had lost within myself.

My clothes were getting tighter and tighter, my face was getting round and swollen, and my dimples were no longer noticeable. I had lost confidence in myself to look and feel good in my own body.

I felt powerless, weak, and exhausted, and it showed. It showed at home. It showed at work. I just existed, and I was too tired to worry about anything else but going through the motions of life.

I had gotten to the point that I allowed food to control me. Sugar controlled me. Diet Coke controlled me. I craved it. I had no concept of portion sizes. I would overeat and think that I would just try again tomorrow. However, the next day came and the cycle would repeat. I had lost the ability to be in control of myself and my food choices.

What I had lost in myself, I had gained on the scale. So, when I saw that the YMCA was doing the Lose Big program, I thought, "What more do I really have to lose?"

The beginning of the program was tough. Kicking the soda habit, reducing portion sizes, and nearly eliminating sugar was like sending an addict through detox. Add that to several more workouts per week, and my body wanted to cry.

However, after the first week, I already felt so much better internally. I felt energized and motivated. I began to feel healthy again. This, along with a lot of encouragement from my family and coaches, gave me the willpower to keep going and going and going some more. As I started losing, I really started gaining so much more.

I gained confidence. Slowly but surely, my clothes began to fit again, and I even had to purchase new, smaller sizes. My face and body became more defined. I began to feel good about myself again for the first time in a long time.

I gained empowerment. I no longer was afraid to join new group exercise classes. In fact, I began to enjoy the challenge of learning new exercises. My energy transferred from the gym to home to work, and the positive effects showed. I felt alive again for the first time in a long time. I became a much better wife and mother.

I gained control. By tracking my food intake and staying accountable to my coaches and myself, I realized that I am the one who decides what to put in my body. I am the one with the choice to make myself healthy or not. I am in control.

When I first started this competition, I never imagined that I would be the winner. Thirty-two and a half pounds and 18.4% weight loss later, I am proud to say I am the winner of Lose Big! Reflecting upon the the past eleven weeks, I have learned that what I have lost in the past can be transformed by what I have gained in the present, and only I am in control of my future!"


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